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About Us

Meet the Team at My Gluten Free Life

Heidi Grimwood - Gluten Free Foodie & Digital Marketer

I come from a fitness and nutrition back ground working as a personal trainer and nutritional therapist for over 20 years. I discovered donkey's years ago that gluten was not my friend (before it was trendy!!) but it wasn't until I was 35 that I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. I had spent years up until that time trying out 'naturally' gluten free foods as the shop bought alternatives were too expensive for my shopping budget, plus I was very aware that just because I had switched to gluten free didn't make it healthier. Since setting up my own digital marketing agency in 2014 and getting my post graduate in digital marketing, I decided now was the time to get the word out online for everyone to learn more about gluten free eating and where to find it. I had spent too many hours wasting my time going in and out of cafes, restaurants and shops trying to find decent gluten free options. I wanted good gluten free food and I wanted it at a price that fitted my budget. So here it is, My Gluten Free Life. It's a development of my gluten free journey since way back when and now I am so lucky to have Mary, a social media guru to help me with finding the best foods and places around Ireland and also some snippets of what I find around the world as I love to travel too.

Mary Johnson - Gluten Free Foodie & Social Media Guru

I have always being interested in nutrition and eating healthy and loved my food.But back in 2009 during a sad time in my life I found that certain foods were making me ill.
Certain foods made me bloated and tired and feeling very unwell. I put it down to stress, but keeping a food diary helped me keep track of what was upsetting my body.Slowly and over time I realised that all foods containing Gluten were making me ill and by eliminating them, i began to feel better.In 2009 there was very little on offer and not within my budget but now,  I love finding new products, and finding restaurants that offer Gluten Free options. I can now bring Gluten Free products to my pals and not feel left out as others have cakes and buns.  

The Gluten Free Industry is growing and at last I can have GF Beer and chips and onion rings. Life is good.  

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