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Posted on 02/28/2017 in Gluten Free Products/Promotions

9 White Deer Brewery Stag Saor Gluten Free Range

9 White Deer Brewery Stag Saor Gluten Free Range

It has long since been my mission to find a Gluten free beer or stout that I can enjoy.

The Gluten Free industry in Ireland has grown so much over the last number of years and the range of gluten free products has surpassed all expectations but one thing that was slow to follow was that of Gluten Free Beer. 

Also the Craft Beer industry in Ireland has growing rapidly in the last couple of years with new beers everyday and being Gluten free I felt we were left out, that was until now, when   

9 White Deer Brewery based in Baile Bhuirne in South West Cork introduced their New

 5 Gluten Free Craft Beers, including a Red Ale, a Pale Ale, an IPA, a Kolsch and Stout.

So my mission has come to an end.

I was asked to try these new Gluten Free Craft Beers out and see what I think.

My expectations were high and I was not disappointed.

9 White Deer Brewery are the first to offer Europe’s full range of Gluten Free craft beers and the first in Ireland to offer a Gluten Free Stout.

The first Craft Beer was Stag Saor Pale Ale, it is a crisp, fresh ale with a hint of citrus, I would say grapefruit. It was so easy to drink and left no bitter after taste.  This pale ale reminds me of summer days, BBQ’s, music and friends. This Pale Ale is also perfect for Non Gluten free drinkers as it is just as tasty as regular Ales.  


The second Craft Beer was Stag Saor Stout (Double chocolate and Madagascan vanilla)

 My 2 favourite, chocolate and vanilla made into a stout.  What more could you ask for.

This stout is dark and luxurious it was like pouring melted chocolate into a glass.  The subtle hint of dark chocolate and vanilla is a perfect combination.  It was easy to sip away with this stout as I sat by the fire feeling cosy.

Craft Beer number 3 was Stag Saor IPA, this IPA is a clean, sharp, fresh and fruity beer,  it  awakens the senses, and it’s vibrant and lively with a big punch to it.  Loved this one.

Craft Beer number 4 was Stag Saor Red Ale, this Red ale is a light and bubbly ale, with delicate flavours of chocolate and caramel,  very easy on the palette and leaves a somewhat toffee flavour.  A Red Ale that wouldn’t be out of place among its Non Gluten rivals.

Craft Beer number 5 was A Kolsh Style Beer, this one is a superb little beer, and its natural taste and dry flavour are second to none. A little star among the Kolsh style beers.

Overall I am very impressed with 9 White Deer Stag Soar Range of Beers and Stouts.

It would be hard to pick a favourite as they all have their own unique taste.

I am very much looking forward to seeing them in the off licences and shops soon and at last we Gluten Free Beer drinkers have a range to savour.

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