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Posted on 03/08/2018 in Gluten Free Blogs

Detox, Stomach Cramps, the Joys of My Coeliac Disease

Detox, Stomach Cramps, the Joys of My Coeliac Disease

I created My Gluten Free Life to give people in Ireland and people travelling to Ireland an opportunity to find where and what to eat in one easy place. I didn’t realise that we would reach people all over the world!! It’s been an amazing journey so far. As a small business owner and Mum of one on a limited budget I also wanted to show people how you can eat well being gluten free and for our house hold diary free. It’s been a fun and interesting journey to date and I am learning so much.

I am fortunate enough with my different businesses to travel quite a bit. During my time travelling I have become even more appreciative of how Ireland – as small as we are – has evolved and cater so well for gluten free diets. It’s so wonderful to see even small cafes offering something gluten free and now the coffee chains make it a standard option to offer coconut milk or similar diary free alternatives.

However being gluten free or Coeliac is not always as simple as abstaining from the foods. I see many posts daily about people who really struggle to stay gluten free. Let’s face it; there is nothing more satisfying than walking past a bakery with fresh bread being baked. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

I got a little (as we say in England) cocky with my gluten free diet when I was travelling at the end of last year. One of my other projects is based out in the Maldives promoting local guest houses and in some places the gluten free options were limited. Plus I love traditional Maldivian foods and lost myself to temptation and started to indulge. I had the odd stomach cramp here and there but decided to ignore it. I carried on, then I tried to abstain, I hadn’t been to ‘number twos’ in 9 days and I was starting to feel groggy. Long 7 week story cut very short I have done a lot of damage to my system and my gut has paid the price. But it didn’t stop there, no no no. I then decided that I wanted to drink beer again and couldn’t get gluten free options at a wedding so drank Heineken all night.

Since then I have struggled with a sore, swollen stomach, diarrhoea, constipation, rashes on my skin, blisters on my face, my nails and hair are not in a good state. It was time to get my body back on track. So when I was talking to my good friend Sheila Munroe and she recommended re-nourishing my body with whole food supplements I decided it was time to be good to my body once again. I thought this will be a breeze, take a few supplements, drink some lemon and ginger tea and hey presto all good again. But it doesn’t quite work like that and I realise now when you are nearing 40 your body doesn’t respond as fast as it did in your 20’s.

I am on my new journey and Sheila has been an amazing support. I felt fine taking the supplements for the first couple of weeks but then I started to experience a little nausea, my stomach didn’t feel right – I must say my skin on my face is the best it’s been in a long time which I am grateful for. Strangely enough I have not craved coffee and I usually drink 4 or 5 cups a day before lunch time. But now each morning I’m craving healthy smoothies, I drink herbal teas instead of coffee – this hasn’t been a conscious shift but more listening to what my body wanted and responding.

So as I continue my journey and a little bit of detox along the way, I will keep you updated on my progress and am looking forward to feeling more revived and radiant!!

If you would like more information about improving your well being take a look at Sheila’s website here – she’s a very inspiring woman working hard, living her travelling dreams while balancing family life with her husband and two boys.


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