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Posted on 07/11/2018 in Gluten Free Blogs

Eating Out in Ireland – Why Every Business Should Offer a Free From Alternative on their Menus

Eating Out in Ireland – Why Every Business Should Offer a Free From Alternative on their Menus

People often ask me if it is by choice that I eat gluten free and dairy free. Let me tell you, it couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m past the days of yearning to have my old gluten filled, cheese indulged life back, but there are times when I miss not being the awkward one when out eating or going to a friends for dinner (still very rare by the way many friends never got the grips with it!!).

So let’s look at the reasons why every business should offer a ‘free from’ option:

Your business is losing money

  • According to Bord Bia 1 in 5 Irish people are regular gluten free shoppers. If 1/5 of the population eat gluten free then it stands to reason that your business will encounter some of these people. If you do not bother putting on your menu what is gluten free or what can be made gluten free, you are losing money. I often walk into a business, take a brief look at the menu and if they do not mark the gluten free options I often leave without ordering. There’s nothing worse than sitting there with a drink, the waiter comes over and you ask if there is anything gluten free on the menu and they say no. An awkward moment then skulking off out of the café hungry!

You’ll get more customers!

  • If you offer gluten free options it is highly likely I will invite my friends and family to eat at your business. I will recommend your business to others, gluten free or not. I will become a huge fan and will give you free promotion through the most powerful source of marketing – word of mouth.

Returning customers

  • It costs 5 times as much to attract a new customer than entice an old customer back. If you make a small effort of even marking what gluten free options you have and have some gluten free bread even in the freezer (we never like it untoasted) as a customer I will appreciate your efforts and we will return and bring friends.

You can stand out over your competitors

  • In a digital world where everyone likes to share what they have eaten throughout the day, the foodies of this world will give your business so much more exposure than you can do on your own. Whether it’s a gluten free food blogger, a regular gluten free customer or a gluten free directory like us, you will gain far more exposure by going out of your way to offer gluten free options and then tell us we offer them.

Due to the strict regulations we understand that not all businesses feel comfortable saying their food is Coeliac friendly but there are plenty of wholesale gluten free businesses out there who can offer a solution for this. Check out the guidelines on the Food Safety website and see if you can make some improvements.

For more information about listing your business check out the listing details here https://www.myglutenfreelife.ie/join

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