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Posted on 01/25/2018 in Gluten Free Blogs

Gluten Free and the benefits of Juice Plus+

Gluten Free and the benefits of Juice Plus+

Being gluten free whether due to Coeliac Disease or gluten intolerance can be tough going. I have been dabbling with the gluten free diet since 2011 and diagnosed with Coeliac disease in 2012. I have read more than most medical professionals at this stage about the diet, the affects of the disease and so on. I have read a few articles that say if you abstain from gluten for a certain amount of time your body can 'heal' and you will be able to introduce gluten back into your diet. 

I am one of the few people who actually never really missed gluten. I was never a real bread lover and teaching fitness most of my life, I was always trying to avoid foods that made me feel bloated which usually resulted in a ban of most potatoes, breads and pastas! But despite my ease of following what I called a naturally gluten free diet in 2017 I fell off the gluten free wagon (btw naturally gluten free diet means I don't often replace a gluten food with a gluten free version like bread or battered fish/meats, cakes and biscuits gluten free or not are out of my diet because I have always struggled to maintain a good weight). 

In 2017 my digital business went to the next level meaning I was traveling outside of Ireland a lot. I have traveled a lot in my late teens and 20's and always loved sampling foods around the world. But what I didn't expect was for me to give in to temptation and the results were bad. Adopting a little bit of a carefree attitude that we are in Asia so gluten will be different in the food and my body will tolerate it more, I embarked on a food sampling frenzy. On top of that I am also dairy intolerant but in the 40 degree heat there was nothing more satisfying than an ice cold latte - soya milk is just not available where I was staying. Within days my stomach looked like I was 3 months pregnant, I felt lethargic, I would get bouts of sharp pains. So I gave my self a kick up the butt and abstained from gluten. A few days later things were starting to improve and a new food was introduced to me, so delicious, so tempting and there I was again munching on the gluten filled treat. To cut an 8 month gluten binge short, this went on and off for some time. I would have severe constipation, severe diarrhea, nausea, bloated and sore tummy and then when I returned to Ireland my skin started to break out just like it used to in my early 20's. Rashes, dry skin, mini blisters around my mouth, around my eyes (so sore), and rosacia in my cheeks the list goes on. But this time no matter how hard I tried and how well I ate I had really done some damage that I couldn't seem to bounce back from. 

Step in my lovely friend and colleague Sheila Monroe. We were having a coffee one morning (well Sheila was actually putting me to shame with her herbal tea) and chatting about everything. We were both talking about the success of our businesses and where we had traveled. Now I'm not one to go on fad diet, take fad shakes and supplements because being a trained nutritional therapist for years I have a fairly good understanding about what the body needs (even if I don't follow myself sometimes!!). Days following it was on my mind that things are just not improving with my body, the angry redness and rashes displaying on my skin was my body shouting out to me that inside was angry and needed some serious healing. So I decided to embark on a program with my family to get back to the usually excellent health that I have. 

juice plus reviews

Both myself and my partner are starting on the fruit and vegetable supplements and when you purchase the adult supplements you get the kids free. It works out so cost effective and I know we are taking a good quality supplement that will make a difference. I am back traveling from tomorrow on wards and although I have learned my lesson about giving in to gluten temptation, it will be interesting to see if the supplements help with the heavy itinerary I have set out for the coming weeks.  

I wanted to share with you a little interview with Sheila as she is so inspiring and so motivating. 


Why did you initially get involved in Juice Plus?      

I got involved because I loved the product- concentrated fruit and veg in a capsule was music to ears at the time as I wasn’t eating enough fruit and veg every day.

What results have you seen yourself?

I noticed an improvement in my energy levels, improved digestion, skin, hair and nails and just a feeling of overall balance and wellness

What results have you seen in your children?

My kids are rarely sick and if they do catch something it doesn’t last, they are better eaters and they have good energy.

Are there certain ailments that juice plus works better for than others?

There is not one person not one disease or ailment on this planet that cannot be improved through better nutrition

Is juice plus gluten free?


I know it’s a multi level marketing platform, I want to get involved but am shy about asking my friends and family to buy products, what would you recommend?

I would definitely start on the products first and experience them because it’s very difficult to recommend something that you haven’t had a personal experience with. Once you do that it’s just a recommending business from there. If we go to a nice restaurant or watch a good movie we naturally recommend to our family and friends and with Juice Plus it’s the same- we are in the business of recommending something that we have benefited from personally and we know others could too. What I love about this also is that you can go at your own pace- there are no monthly targets to be met so no pressure- you can do as much or as little as you want and fit it in and around your life and not the other way round!

I was a stay at home mum when I first heard about Juice Plus and the business. When I gave up my full time job I really missed the financial independence and that’s what Juice Plus, the business, has given me - independence and my mission is to help other Mums out there to have independence whatever that looks like whether it’s being able to get your hair done when you want/ buy a gift for your husband/ pay for the family holiday.

What are the best products to start with for a new customer?

Definitely the Capsule range because they are the  foundational building blocks for our health- the micro nutrients from fruits and vegetables are powerful and instrumental in maintaining good health and play a huge roll in prevention.

 How does a new customer get in touch with you?

They can find me on Facebook or call me direct or email me on:

FB- Sheila Munro

Tel: 087 1809 472

Email: sheila.munro@yahoo.com.au


What about if someone was interest in starting their own juice plus business, how do they do this and is it expensive?

It’s really easy to be honest- I was a very busy Mum of 2 small boys when I joined and if I could do it anyone can! It only costs 60 euro to open up an account and you get your own products wholesale when you do that. From there I link arms with each person to help them get started- the support and mentorship in this business is amazing.

For more information:  http://sheilamunro.juiceplus.com.au/

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