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Posted on 01/16/2017 in Gluten Free Products/Promotions

Gluten Free Chicken Goujons

Gluten Free Chicken Goujons

Gluten Free Chicken Goujons

As a working Mum I fully understand about the pressures of trying to eat healthily, homemade and gluten free. Even writing it makes me feel overwhelmed!

I’m here to say as a ‘gluten free, trying to be healthy Mum’ – it’s OK to have a cheat day! You don’t need to go to confession just because you bought a ready made option!!

So to make you feel better I have added two options – one frozen option for those busy days and one fresh, homemade option for when you have a few extra minutes in your day.


Homemade Gluten Free Chicken Goujons


Oil for deep frying

Gluten free plain flour

Egg (whisked)

Tsp Paprika

Dash Salt

Dash pepper

Tsp mixed herbs

Chicken breast (sliced length ways)

2 slices of Gluten free bread (into blender to make bread crumbs)


Pop the oven on to 190 degrees and start to heat the oil in a deep pan on the hob.

Get three bowls.

Place the whisked egg in one.

Mix the gluten free flour, paprika, salt, pepper and herbs into another bowl.

The gluten free breadcrumbs in the third.

Place the sliced chicken in the flour mix (this ensures the egg and breadcrumbs stick better and gives a little extra flavour).

Then dip in the egg.

Finally dip into the breadcrumbs.

When the oil is hot enough place 2-3 pieces gently in the oil.

Leave for 2-3 minutes and place on kitchen roll to absorb the excess oil. Then place on a tray in the oven to finish off. I always finish off in the oven to ensure the chicken is cooked right through.

Now for those busy days we choose Big Alis frozen gluten free goujons.


So there you have it – two alternatives to keep the whole family happy and Mum a little less stressed.   

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