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Posted on 02/17/2017 in Gluten Free Products/Promotions

Gluten Free Mc Cain Chips

Gluten Free Mc Cain Chips

Gluten Free Mc Cain Chips


We all occasionally love chips,  but don't always have the time to make our own.

I love chips with steak or chicken on the rare occasion and finding gluten free ones can be hard, as some manufacturers coat their chips in flour to make them crispier.

So it was a treat to find decent size chips that not only are gluten free but also taste gorgeous.

I came across these in my local shop and tried them out on my family and they loved them to.

I asked Mc Cain Foods Customer Relations  to tell me a little about their allergens in the chips and below is their response 

Thank you for getting in touch with us regarding which of our products are gluten free.


As millions of people across the UK enjoy our products, we want to support every consumer in making informed purchasing decisions. We therefore provide clear nutritional and allergen labelling on-pack for our products, all of which is in accordance with UK and European legislation. All allergens are clearly printed in the ingredient declaration box, in bold and capitalised.

For products that can be enjoyed by coeliacs and consumers wishing to avoid gluten, we include a ‘gluten free’ symbol on pack.

These include 5% Original Oven Chips, Rustic Chips, Quick Cook French Fries, Quick Chips.  For further product information please visit our website https://www.mccain.co.uk/products/


Where gluten-containing ingredients are present in our production facilities, we have strict processes in place to meet the necessary regulation required to prevent any possible cross-contamination between gluten-containing and gluten-free products.

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