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Posted on 01/04/2017 in Gluten Free Businesses

Urban Kitchen Foods and Gluten Free Cocolat

Urban Kitchen Foods and Gluten Free Cocolat

It's a tough job when you are sent gluten free gifts to sample from companies. But guys never fear, I'll do it for the gluten free team!!

Luckily for me it's always a delight sampling new gluten free products.

Take the Urban Kitchen as an example. Leanne the owner of Urban Kitchen made contact with me knowing I was in Dublin on business. As she couldn't meet me herself she went out of her way to have a gorgeous box of Cocolat delivered to my hotel. Yes I felt a little celeb like for a moment!!

But I wasn't quite expecting the gorgeous presentation and flavours from a product that is 100% plant based. Let's face it many of the totally natural products out there we 'tolerate' because we know eating 25 Snickers bars is not good for our health or waistline. 

But Cocolat blows all those theories out of the water! There were three chief tasters just in case you think I devoured the entire box on my own. Myself and Mary (My Gluten Free Life accounts manager) are gluten and dairy free, my significant other is NOTHING free and claims most of my natural snacks are like eating monkey poo (his delightful words not mine). But the look on everyone's face as we dived into this gorgeous box of 100% natural treats with words like 'OMG', 'You have to try this one', 'this is my favourite'. Yes we have even managed to convert the non believer that natural foods CAN taste delicious.

So what is Cocolat all about?

Well it's made from 100% all natural plant-derived ingredients and is free from dairy, gluten, soy, artificial additives and preservatives, and low in natural sugar.

Cocolate is made from 3 plant based ingredients: Cocoa & Cacao, coconut oil and maple syrup. 

Recommended dosage stated in the Urban Kitchen's website is 1 or 2 pieces a day - looks like we blew that theory out of the water by devouring the entire box in one sitting! But as it is natural, the body will burn this energy food far better than saturated, hydrogenated fats and sugars laden in even the most healthiest of snacks including shop bought smoothies.

Want to know more about the Urban Kitchen in Dublin? Click here http://www.urbankitchenfoods.com

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